About Jen & WhistlerFit


Meet Jen

Jen is a product of the mountains. Having grown up in the French alps, her athletic roots were established in a lifestyle that only the mountains could provide.

From a young age, Jen learned the discipline and dedication that comes with training for competitive sports. After trying all kinds of sports, from ballet to track and field, Jen fell in love with snowboarding and started competing in Snowboard Freestyle at age 15. In Winter of ‘99-’00 Jen made the French National Team. At the end of the season she placed 13th at the ISF Half Pipe World Junior Championships and became the French Junior Champion in Big Air. 

After enjoying a good run of competitions, Jen’s snowboarding career took a crashing halt after a wreck that left her too injured to compete again. Jen tried to come back the following season, but there were no strength and conditioning or specific rehab programs in place for snowboarding athletes at the time. Jen was left to recover on her own, which was a struggle and she did not make the gains she needed to come back to competing.

Jen decided to go back to studying but always kept in her mind that one day she would make it her goal to help other athletes stay strong, fit and injury free. A few years later in 2006, that’s what Jen did, obtaining her Personal Training degree from the French Ministry of Youth and Sports to become a Personal Trainer.

Jen has been working as a personal trainer and fitness instructor for more than 10 years and she still loves it like day one.


Her motivation

Jen thrives on helping people achieve their fitness goals, gain strength and confidence, and seeing clients happier with themselves and their achievements at the end of the day, month or year - it is what drives her!

Jen is passionate about her work and is passionate about life in general. She strives to always explore, grow, try new things and just make the most of our very short time on this planet, which is what brought her to Whistler. As many Whistler locals do, she gave up on the more traditional path and followed her heart to a more adventurous life - and she found the perfect place for it.


Whistlerfit Bootcamp

Our mountain playground provides us with a bounty of adventurous lifestyles and WhistlerFit Bootcamp is designed to keep you playing in them. 

When is it ? 

Monday, Wednesday & Friday at 6:15am and 7:30am starting March 26th 2018. Monthly program with option to Drop in. 

Drop in is available for visitors or for those who want to give bootcamp a try. However, we highly recommend signing up for the full month as we will set goals at the beginning of each block and measure improvements with some fun testing tools. 

What is it ?

Our bootcamp is a progressive program incorporating three core assets, allowing you to reach your full potential







By engaging these three core assets during each workout, you will reach your full potential and thrive on complete body-and-mind health.

WhistlerFit Bootcamp is all about taking your personal strengths to the next level in a non-competitive way. Whether you’re looking to improve your endurance and strength for mountain biking, trail running, skiing or snowboarding, to gain mobility and stability to remain injury free, or you just want to take your fitness to the next level, this class is for you. Jen believes in positively motivating her clients and bringing people together to work hard, sweat and feel amazing!

So, step out of your comfort zone and join the WhistlerFit crew – you will not regret it!