Working out on my own in a gym is a drag... and more so at 7AM. Jen’s bootcamp, on the other hand, is a fun sweat-packed hour which I look forward to each time and feel great after the sessions. While it may seem intimidating at first, I’ve brought many friends who are first-timers to WhistlerFit and they all agree that it’s great fun, Jen is approachable for help and above all, kicks your day off to a great start!
— Thomas Jimenez, Whistler
I love Jen’s bootcamp! I’ve been struggling to go to the gym before work and with these early morning sessions, it is now my 6am routine to get a high energy strength workout. Thank you!
— Vincent Pagot, North Vancouver

Finding the right work out and the right fitness instructor is sometimes a challenge. Factoring in a good leader, instructor, and one who motivates individuals or groups in exercise activities, including cardiovascular exercises, strength training, and stretching. Jen has it all! She works with people of all ages and forms. She’s very professional and very knowledgeable of her craft.
— Michelle Brown, Whistler

Jen is a very inspiring and motivational person. Always making people around her think nothing is impossible! Her bootcamp is a lot of fun. There is always a great crowd of friendly people, who love to encourage you to do your best. I always come away from Jen’s boot camp feeling strong and empowered.
— Gemma Elford, Whistler

Jen makes it easy (well easier!) to crawl out of bed in the morning with her awesome bootcamp classes! They are always super challenging but not intimidating as she always ensures all elements can be modified to be suitable to all skill levels. Her energy and enthusiasm is infectious making you look forward to the next class every time!
— Lou O'Brien, Whistler

Jen’s boot camp pushes you to achieve what you want to accomplish in your chosen sport or day-to-day activities. She’ll make you sweat while managing to build a sense of comraderie and motivating yet friendly competition. I always come out tired and with a smile on my face. I get soft when I’m not going to Jen’s boot camp!
— Christina Cheung Nagel, Whistler

Jen’s classes are high quality, fun and very beneficial. Jen is very knowledgeable and ensures everyone is working to their full capacity with proper alignment to get top results. She made me a stronger and more injury-resistant skier. The classes are well organized with lots of variety! Highly recommended!!
— Corey Harle, Whistler